The nucleus of Fluid Technology Solutions™ lies in its Research and Development activities, and is propagated by PLI's broad interpretation of fluid R&D laboratories.

Whilst all design and refinement work begins at the chemical development lab, PLI's fluid development process will have to pass through the real-world simulation lab prior to actual usage. Then what is termed as the progressive lab, where the used fluid is periodically tested and modified accordingly to match the changing conditions of the mechanical parts comes into the picture.

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Chemical Development Laboratories

As an inventive organisation dealing with complex engineering of fluids, PLI has two world-class R&D Centres covering the West and the East; Turin, Italy and Bangi, Malaysia. The latter is also the hub for PETRONAS' scientific petroleum research activities. Both facilities are fully loaded with the latest instrumentations to perform sophisticated fluid developmental tests such as liquid and gas chromatography, infrared radiation, plasma magnetic field, thermal analysis, tribological tests and many more.

To cater to automotive needs, multiple engine test cells are available to perform all kinds of fluid development works. These include bench and dynamometers with intelligent automatic drivers to provide as real as possible inputs.

These two centres are familiar playgrounds to many leading OEMs and corporate users in their search for fluids that match values they are seeking. Progressively, these centres are consistently updated to keep up with the ever-changing world of engineering.

Simulation Laboratories

The concept of Simulation Laboratories is where R&D activities are pushed outside the boundaries of the Chemical Development Laboratories, and into the actual application zone. The developed fluid is applied into the real mechanical parts, which most of the time reside at the users' compound. As a responsible organisation with full confidence in its fluid technology capabilities, PLI takes accountability when running simulations on users' mechanical parts.

It is important to note that a simulation only takes place when a designed fluid is fully developed, exceeding or meeting the requirements set by the OEM and equipped for the expected operating conditions. Simulations under Fluid Technology Solutions™ are very much about measuring the delivery of the promised key values customised for the users.

Progressive Laboratories

Once a fluid is deemed fit for usage, that is when it is capable of delivering the key values customised for the user, the Progressive Laboratories comes in. The Progressive Lab is a periodical exercise where PLI's fluid representatives extract samples of used fluids for future application analysis.

It is a fact that mechanical parts are designed with a designated life span. No mechanical parts can operate forever, what more to operate at the same level over their period of existence. Normal wear and tear will deteriorate machines until they naturally cease.

The Progressive Lab of PLI's Fluid Technology Solutions™ aims to amend the initially designed fluid according to the changing conditions of the mechanical parts with three fundamental objectives; enabling optimum performance, prevent premature end and delivering the best possible customised key values to the user.

The progressive lab-based R&D activities therefore is a process that persistently stays with the mechanical parts it is giving life to until they finally give up.